Facebook surveys users about Timeline, duplicate profiles, more

Some Facebook users are being prompted to take a 16-question survey about their experience with the social network. The survey includes questions about Timeline and whether users have duplicate profiles, in addition to asking about about site reliability and usefulness.

The survey is interesting because it shows which areas the company might have concerns about. One of these is the new Timeline design, which Facebook has been careful not to fully force on users yet, despite its launch in December. Another is the issue of users having multiple profiles. The company revealed last week that it estimates 5 to 6 percent of its 845 million monthly active users are fake or duplicate accounts. The survey had only one open-ended question: “Why do you maintain multiple Facebook accounts?” The rest were multiple choice.

Facebook has been able to achieve near ubiquity despite users’ misgivings and frustrations. The social network was the lowest ranking website on the 2011 American Customer Satisfaction Index. This type of news could have more of an effect on the company after it goes public, so Facebook should be looking to address issues that users have.

Here are the survey questions some users saw on their homepage:

  • How satisfied are you with your Facebook experience overall?
  • How likely are you to recommend Facebook to a friend, relative or colleague?
  • To what degree does your profile present a full picture of who you are and what you care about?
  • How much do you feel in control of your personal information on Facebook?
  • How important is Facebook in staying connected with the people you care about?
  • How useful is Facebook for finding specific information you’re looking for?
  • How important is Facebook in keeping up to date with what’s going on around you?
  • How trustworthy do you find Facebook in general?
  • How reliably does Facebook work the way it’s supposed to (i.e., without errors, bugs or delays)?
  • How easy is Facebook to use?
  • How useful is Facebook overall?
  • How much fun is Facebook overall?
  • How many personal Facebook profiles do you have? (This does not include any pages you maintain for a business or any friends’ accounts that you might check or update.)
  • Why do you maintain multiple Facebook accounts? (optional)
  • Are you familiar with Timeline, the new version of the profile that was recently introduced by Facebook?
  • Do you prefer Timeline (the new profile) or the old profile?

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