Facebook Opens Up Voting For Site's Terms Of Service

Today Mark Zuckerberg announced the start of voting for Facebook’s updated terms of service. The new program was launched in response to the terms of service backlash that started a couple of months ago following a Consumerist blog post about Facebook’s ridiculous content ownership terms. While the uproar generated a huge response, Facebook has generated little buzz about the voting process. The initial groups created to spark conversation about the updated terms only attracted around 10,000 members each.

In order for the vote to stick, “at least 30 percent of active Facebook users” must vote. That means around 60 million people will have to vote in the next week. So what are the odds of 60 million users voting? Pretty low. The largest application on Facebook, LivingSocial, currently has over 21 million monthly active users and it took them one month to get to that point.

Over 3 times the number of users on LivingSocial will have to vote. As of the time of this post “more than 5335 people have voted” according to the news feed story that was generated when I voted. The biggest winner from this vote appears to be Wildfire Promotion builder who assisted in developing the application. Wildfire also received a link from Mark Zuckerberg’s blog post.

If Facebook can drive 60 million people to the application this will most definitely be a remarkable feat. Given the viral nature of the new application, there is a good chance that millions of users will vote, but the only question at this point is how many. This is the first time that there has ever been a vote for a site’s terms of service.

While many may view this vote as mundane, if Facebook is truly able to attract 60 million users to the application in one week, Facebook may want to consider naming their site “The Republic of Facebook”. Will you be voting on the updated terms?

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