Facebook tested feature that identified valuable, irrelevant fans


Recently, Facebook tested a feature that apparently told page admins which fans were valuable or irrelevant.

The test was first spotted by Inside Facebook reader Matteo Gamba. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that this was something the site was testing, but the test has been called off. When asked if this could identify influencers, in terms of engagement, the Facebook spokesperson said, “Not necessarily.”

Gamba found this feature in the banned users section of his page’s settings menu. He was able to select from a drop down menu valuable or irrelevant, but both options resulted in zero results, Gamba said.

The Facebook spokesperson said this feature was something that Facebook was testing, but decided to pull it back:

It was a test so we were looking all sorts of options. … We do tests to gauge a number of things, so we gauged what we needed to and pulled back to iterate. Standard for us.

It would be really interesting if Facebook did eventually implement some kind of feature that showed which fans are the most valuable, possibly in terms of quality engagement (shares, comments). Page admins could also see which fans might be fake or low-quality, for instance, those who only liked the page to gain entry into a contest.

Readers: Have you seen this?