Facebook testing Trending on iOS app search page

mobiletrendingFacebook has been tinkering with search on mobile, testing variations similar to Graph Search, currently available on desktop.

But it appears that the Trending module has found another home on mobile.

Facebook is testing the Trending topic list on the iOS search page, as discovered by Inside Facebook reader Kristy Stevenson, Manager of Social Content & Community Development at Rockfish Interactive.

When an iPhone user goes to search for a page or a friend, below a list of recent searches is a list of trending topics currently popular on Facebook.

Facebook confirmed to Inside Facebook that it’s a test among certain mobile users, not a feature:

We’re testing improvements to search on mobile.

Mobile search has been a big topic for Facebook lately.

In June, Inside Facebook discovered that the site was testing a feature similar to Graph Search, and even tagged with Graph Search in the URL. Facebook denied that this was a mobile version of Graph Search, saying again that the company is testing improvements to search on mobile.

Readers: Have you seen this for either iOS or Android?

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