Two More Ways To Hack Facebook's Timeline Cover

We now count five different tools that create timeline cover images, although they all appear to be reformatted banners, screensavers or Twitter backgrounds.

Now we have five different tools that create Facebook timeline cover images, all of them appearing to be reformatted banners, screensavers or Twitter backgrounds.

Even if they are all recycled, it’s still pretty cool considering only one week has elapsed since Facebook made the new timeline profile available to those who have the Developer application installed on their profiles.

We’ve previously covered three such tools:, Facebook Timeline Cover Creator and Facebook Covers. Today we discovered two more of them.

Fresh Facebook Covers has different 211 images, grouped into the following categories: popular, for girls, for boys, celebrities, TV shows, music, quotes, cute and random.

Like the other tools in this space, all of these covers have Fresh Facebook Covers’ web address stamped in the lower right-hand corner — do you want that in your profile?

On Fresh Facebook Covers, the button “download this cover” appearing beneath all of the images makes it look like you’ll automatically capture the image, but clicking on it simply opens up a larger version of the graphic a new tab. You have to save it yourself and then upload it on your own to your timeline.

Meanwhile, contains 50 cover images and lists 16 categories, some of which don’t yet have anything in them.

These groups are labeled: abstract, animals, awareness, awesome, cute, funny, hearts, life, love, movies, music, people, quotes, sports, TV shows and video games.

To the right of each image on there’s a button labeled “add to profile.”

Clicking on the link fires up a permission window asking your permission for access to your profile, but all that does is upload the chosen graphic to your photo albums. You still have to click on “change cover.”

Also, like the others we’ve covered (pun intended if you want), all of the images available on bear the site’s brand name in the lower-right-hand corner.

It’s easy to erase that branding in any graphics editor, although it would be impolite of us to recommend that practice.

So, dear readers, have you tried out any of the applications for tricking out your cover image in Facebook’s timeline?

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