7 Ways To Hack Your Promotions Into Facebook Timeline

Here are seven tricks to work your promotion into timeline.

You won’t really be able to use a default landing page to promote your brand when timeline goes live on pages. Instead, you can make use of other aspects of the layout to work your promotion. Here are seven tricks to that end.

Pick Clever Names For Apps And Tabs

The name you choose for an app shows up under its thumbnail image in timeline, so come up with a title that’s specific and eye catching. Examples of clever names for apps — that show up under the thumbnail images — are:

  • Win Prize
  • Earn Rewards
  • Half Off

Upload Custom Tab Images

You can customize all the images appearing in the thumbnails section, except for photos, which remain in the first spot. So, upload an image about the subject of your promotion, showing the grand prize entrants may win, for instance.

Set Order

The area below the cover image includes four thumbnails.
The first thumbnail is always the photos so you can only rearrange the others. The most important tab – – your promotion – – should be the second from the left.

Get Photo Sizes Right

Be aware that if you upload an image to your timeline, it will be seen as a view on the photos tab. The last image you uploaded will be visible there as 111 pixels wide by 74 pixels tall. You can only change that image by uploading another one to your timeline.

Image And Text Should Complement Each Other

The tab name and tab image should complement each other. It’s not appealing if you see the same words on the tab image as you use in the tab name. Use real images instead.

Remember Not To Advertise In The Cover Image

If you want to be Facebook friendly, you shouldn’t explicitly advertise your promotion on the cover image. (Sure, having call to action words about your promotion would be very beneficial.) Just get creative with the space.

Use Red

It’s not really known why color red in ads makes it more efficient, but it works. Give a try.
Your turn: What other ideas do you have to promote your promotion with views and apps on timeline pages?
Guest writer Zsuzsi Szabo is the co-founder of Antavo Promotion Builder.

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