President Obama's Facebook Page Upgrades To Timeline

Yes, we can -- upgrade to timeline. U.S. President Barack Obama's Facebook page has the new layout.

Yes, we can — upgrade to timeline. U.S. President Barack Obama’s Facebook page has the new layout.

His cover image, shown above, provides one of the best examples we’ve seen of how to use the space to convey a message in a way that conforms to Facebook’s policies for brands.
The most important issue in his campaign appears on the cover, without any calls for action nor contact information.
The use of photos throughout the timeline is visually striking and includes supporters as well as photos of the president with his family.
The Facebook page relies on imagery more than text to convey Obama’s re-election campaign messages and illustrate his biography.
The latter includes a reproduction of his birth certificate on an official campaign mug in an entry for the president’s birthday, August 4, 1961. This is a wise move to make light of the subject matter given the kerfuffle over the document’s origins since he took office.
The strategy is another brilliant demonstration of how Facebook’s timeline can help candidates and politicos shape key messages and issues from their past.
Obama’s addressing U.S. dependence on foreign oil in a speech today, and a chart supporting his presentation appears in a full-page graphic on his timeline — see the screenshot below.
Readers, what do you think of President Obama’s timeline — what kind of ideas does it inspire for your own page?