Hype Alert: Countdown To Timeline For Pages, Profiles

Brand managers are confused about whether and when Facebook will officially extend timeline to pages.

The only thing Facebook has announced about what will take place on February 29 is the company hosting its ever marketing conference in New York, which you can watch livestream on the social network here.

Rumors have circulated to the effect that Facebook might on that date unveil the first ever brand pages with timeline on them, marking the beginning of a limited beta test that would eventually expand to more participants.

However, we’re all still waiting for the sitewide rollout of timeline for profiles; Facebook has previously told us this would start in a single small country for final performance testing before expanding across the site.

So now that the marketing conference is only eight days away, it’s possible that February 29 might include an announcement of timeline on profiles.

We explained all this to Simply Zesty after the social media agency unveiled a webpage that counts down to the start of the Facebook Marketing Conference.

The agency’s potentially mislabled countdown page leads to a general checklist for page administrators anticipating a switch to timeline.

While this list could also benefit from some serious copyediting, we’ve reconciled the material as follows:

  1. Start planning which material in your archives you’ll want to feature on the timeline.
  2. Determine whether to add more administrators to the page, and whom, since the workload may increase.
  3. Plan a cover image in advance.
  4. Determine a new editorial process for timeline.

Readers, what do you expect Facebook to announce on Wednesday, February 29?

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