Facebook to create different levels of access for page admins

Facebook announced it will give page owners an option to assign different privileges to admins, but it did not explain what type of access and restrictions will be available.

During a breakout session at the Facebook Marketing Conference on Wednesday, Product Manager Jeff Kanter said pages will soon offer five levels of admin access. He mentioned full access, publishing-only access and insights access, but did not reveal the other two levels. Facebook did not respond to requests for clarification.

It’s possible the feature could include messages-only access. After switching to Timeline, pages will include a message button that lets users send private messages to the page. It would be important for customer service representatives to see and respond to these messages, but an organization might not want those people to be able to see the page’s insights or make public posts.

Many page owners have wanted this type of feature for years. Third-party page moderation and analytics tools have helped companies protect their pages by designating different permissions for each user, but these tools are not free.

Kanter says the company hopes to release the feature by the end of March.

The full session about pages is available for streaming here.

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