REPORT: Why 2 In 5 Facebook Users Click 'Unlike'

Two out of every five Facebook users have unliked a page on the site. Here's why.

Never take fans for granted, because two out of every five change their mind.
Out of 1,528 Facebook users surveyed by DDB Paris and OpinionWay, 630 respondents said they clicked the unlike link on a page.
The most common reason, according to DDB and OpinionWay
was, “The brand was no longer of interest to me,” cited by 49 percent of those who’d clicked unlike.
Other reasons cited by respondents:

  • The information available was not interesting, 46 percent;
  • Information was published too often, 36 percent;
  • The brand published information I did not appreciate, 27 percent, and
  • Information was not published often enough, 14 percent.

A lot of the unliking seems like fallout after brand promotions end — people click like in order to claim an incentive, and ultimately purge clutter from news feeds.
Readers, have you rescinded your like for a Facebook brand page, and was it for any of the reasons mentioned above? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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