The One Verb Facebook Still Won't Allow

Facebook has opened the floodgates for variations on the like button, but one verb remains anathema: Dislike!

We’re seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg in spinoffs from the like button, as Facebook allows the addition of more verbs describing the relationship between persons, places and things on the social network.

But the verb that users want the most remains anathema to advertisers and therefore to Facebook itself: dislike.
This obviously predates the whole dialogue about new verbs becoming part of the open graph.
While Facebook made a huge step in allowing users to unlike pages in order to stop receiving updates in news feeds, the only way to proactively dislike something you never liked in the first place is by installing a browser extension.
And even with browser extensions, dislikes are only visible to those who have also installed the extension; the availability of the thumbs-down option has motivated a fair amount of installations.
No wonder: People continue to tell us they want a dislike button in the comments section of our Facebook wall. And groups dedicated to that desire continue to thrive.
Call it an unfulfilled demand, but since no official dislike button exists — and we’re not saying it should — Facebook users have clicked on scam posts promising the thumbs down and instead exposing them to malware.
Facebook has drastically improved its screening out of malware and the like, so we’re fairly confident that people won’t be clicking bogus unlike applications.
We’re simply pointing out the irony in all of the discussion about more verbs on Facebook: dislike is not in the site’s dictionary.

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