Facebook Users & App Developers Play Practical Jokes for April Fool’s Day

It’s April Fools Day, and Facebook users and app developers alike are coming up with creative ways to play practical jokes on Facebook.

One of the most common “roommate” tactics we’ve seen is that of friends posting content without their roommates’ knowledge, only to have it be discovered hours later (or when they get a flood of calls from confused friends and relatives). However, this approach can also be dangerous (and technically against the TOS). Of the variety we’ve seen today, here’s a relatively harmless example of the “hacked status update” with accompanying email blast:

On the app developer side, the most creative marketing prank we’ve seen today comes from We’re Related, who sent notifications to 19 million members this morning telling them that Barack Obama has confirmed them as his “fourth cousin once removed”:

Barack Obama (Washington, DC) has confirmed you as his fourth cousin once removed on We’re Related.

Follow this link to see how you are related:

We’re Related Team

Jim Ericson of FamilyLink.com, the makers of We’re Related, says that 3 million people have visited the app today, and that, “Reactions have been extremely positive (94%), but have ranged from warnings about fraud/viruses to sheer delight, with hundreds of thousands of people falling for the joke.”

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