Facebook Users Getting Annoyed With Captchas

Over the past few weeks I have been getting countless emails from users that have been increasingly prompted to fill out captcha forms when submitting wall posts and updating statuses. The reason for the increase is most likely because Facebook is trying to contain spammers. Unfortunately it’s making it more challenging for users to interact with the site.

When Facebook released their upgraded public profiles product, I had the same issue and reached out to Facebook about it. I heard back and was informed that it was a bug on my account and the issue was quickly resolved. If this is truly a bug then it appears that there are a lot of other users that have been affected the issue. For those of you not aware of what a captcha is, it is a form which prompts you to enter what is written in an image to prevent spammers.
After the redesign, users began reporting a substantial increase in the frequency of captcha occurrences. Previously users were prompted to enter a captcha form if they hadn’t “verified” their account. Verification is accomplished by confirming your mobile phone number. Even verified accounts are being prompted now and currently we don’t know whether it’s a bug or Facebook fighting against spam.
Regardless of the reason behind the increase, users are getting frustrated with the boxes as they are regularly prompted to enter words which are occasionally illegible. One would imagine that entering a phone number should be sufficient for verification purposes but perhaps spammers have figured out Facebook’s session handling system and are continuing to spam users’ walls.
Have you been prompted to enter captcha forms when posting on walls or updating your status?

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