Facebook users reached with paid media have higher shopping and buying participation than Internet average

Facebook reports that fans reached through paid media have greater shopping and buying habits compared to average Internet users, according to a joint study with Internet analytics company comScore.

The study covers three different brand pages: Samsung mobile, an unnamed major retailer and an unnamed major financial services brand. The focus of each case was to understand the benefits of using paid reach rather than simply depending on organic reach. The study found that the buying power index of visitors reached by the paid media of major retailer and Samsung pages was notably higher than average. The study concludes that audience acquired through paid media are often more likely to be engaged with the brand and its category. For marketers, this is significant information that Facebook ads can reach the right audience and lead to proper returns, even for larger brand pages.

For the major retailer, those exposed to paid media are 66 percent more likely to buy something from their website and 45 percent more likely to purchase something from their retail store. See the buyer reach penetration chart that illustrates this below.

For Samsung, users exposed to paid media were 24 percent more likely to shop online than the average Internet user.  They were also 68 percent more likely than the average user to visit technology news sites, 50 percent more likely to visit telecommunications sites and 62 percent more likely to visit consumer electronics sites, meaning Samsung was able to reach a more relevant audience with its content than if it had relied on organic distribution alone. Below is a look at the buying power index of the audience Samsung reached with Facebook ads.

For the major financial service brand, the paid media audience was 31 percent more likely to be cardholder of the brand’s, and 18 percent of the paid media group had made online purchases with their branded card.

Facebook provides a white paper with more details about the study.