Facebook Warns Advertisers, Content Creators and Publishers What to Expect

More content review will be handled by automated technology during the coronavirus pandemic

Automated technology is helpful, but there are pitfalls sompong_tom/iStock

Facebook provided updates for advertisers, content creators and publishers on what its decision to send contract workers who perform content review home due to the coronavirus pandemic, revealed earlier this week, means for them.

The social network said in a Newsroom post, “We use a combination of people and technology to review ads on Facebook and Instagram, and our automated systems already play a big role in that process. Now, with a reduced and remote workforce, we’re relying on automated technology even more.”

Facebook said advertisers may face issues including: delayed review for ads and commerce listings; more ads being incorrectly disapproved; delayed or reduced appeals; and lower availability of and delivery of in-stream ads.

The social network also addressed content creators and publishers, writing, “All monetized content goes through brand safety reviews. This includes Instant Articles and videos with in-stream ads. Since our ability to review new content is now limited, we won’t be able to approve all content for monetization. We’re working on how to support partners at this time.”

Facebook concluded, “As this situation continues to evolve, we may need to make further changes to our systems. While we’re working to minimize disruptions for businesses and partners, we will inevitably make mistakes. We will do our best to address any issues as quickly as we can and continue to provide updates.”

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