Fairfield Inn Rolls Out Redesign with Unintentionally Funny Press Release and Video

Following that last post, here’s one of those familiar instances where something labeled “viral” is genuinely not interesting. It also will be filed in our Unintentionally Funny Press Releases folder. So the quick story is that the hotel chain Fairfield Inn & Suites (a Marriott subsidiary) has followed the path of Motel 6 and made Laurent Vernhes groan even louder, by redesigning all of their hotels. The redesign is fine for a big “moderate tier” hotel chain and we’re comfortable with that. The problem is that their press release announcing all of this spends most of its time talking about the “new YouTube viral video” they’ve created. For instance, the company’s brand vice president says: “as you can tell from the video, we’re shaking things up in the industry” (it gets sporadically worse from there). But really, while it’s shot well for an inexpensive production and we truly do appreciate that the promo clip features professional soccer players, it’s a video that is not and never will be a) viral (in that it will get viewed many times outside of a limited audience of soccer fans) or b) worth viewing (except for those of us that revel in unintentionally funny things that we can ridicule to make ourselves feel superior to other people) or c) something that has anything to do with introducing the hotel’s new redesign. So please, first go read the full press release, followed by a viewing of said video, and then think about where you believe all of this went wrong. Or you could just ignore this entire rant and our bitter, evil cynicism.

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