Fan Appz launches Social Database

Social media marketing platform Fan Appz announced a feature this week to help companies gather information about their fans that can then be applied to other marketing efforts.

With the new Social Database, marketers can begin to create individual customer profiles as users interact with Fan Appz applications. For example, a retailer might use the sweepstakes app to give away a prize on Facebook and then later use the poll app to drive additional engagement. Instead of those being isolated efforts that result in unclear business value, now the company can associate users’ contact info with their preferences, and run a more personalized email marketing campaign.

Fan Appz Founder and CEO Jon Siegal, who previously worked in the CRM space, says this function is about understanding fans and followers in order to provide a better experience for them and ultimately achieve business goals. He makes the comparison to a waiter who knows your name and what you like to eat.

“It’s about how well you know somebody. When you know their preferences, you do a much better job,” he says.

Siegal says the vision for his company is to apply CRM to social media, and Social Database is a key piece of that. Facebook quiz and coupon apps were just a start to get businesses up to this point. For many companies, 2009 and 2010 were about establishing a presence on Facebook and building a following, Siegal says. Last year was focused on the abstract goal of “engagement.” But the point of marketing is to drive sales of products or services.

“Social Database helps complete that last important piece.” Siegal says.

This seems to be a logical progression for the industry, and we expect other social media marketing platforms to add similar functionality in the near future. We’ve already seen Shoutlet launch Social Profiles this month. Ultimately these systems will enable more companies to serve consumers with a level attention and personalization that wasn’t previously possible on such a large scale.

Fan Appz also made several updates to its suite of applications, including new:

  • Publisher apps
  • Customizable designs and ways to share using engagement apps
  • Sweepstakes engine and refer-a-friend feature for promotion apps
  • Data analytics capabilities for publisher, engagement, promotions and white label apps
  • More secure admin panel from which to manage several social media pages at once

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