Fanhattan for iPad: Discover Which Movies/TV Shows Your Facebook Friends Like & Where to See These Shows (maybe)

Fanhattan is a free iPad app that tries to provide a solution for getting two commonly desired information types: (1) What TV shows and movies do my friends like and (2) how can I actually see a TV show or movie that interests me. It succeeds in one but doesn’t do very well at the other.

Fanhattan for iPad

The version 1.1 update released last week adds the ability to see TV show and movie titles that your Facebook friends have “liked.” It also added the abiliy follow the official Twitter feeds of celebrities, TV shows and movies.

The app provides summary information about a movie or TV show, reviews aggregated on Rotten Tomatoes, information about how many Facebook friends Liked the movie, cast and crew list, video clips, sound track information, merchandise that can be purchased through Amazon and a list of similar movies.

The app’s most interesting feature is its ability to tell you where a TV show or movie is available for streaming viewing, rental or purchase. However, while it works for content available on Netflix, the app does not consider Crackle (a Sony service) or Hulu as services available for the iPad. Selecting “Select iPad only” under “Watch Now” deselects Crackle and Hulu as options. “Select All Available” restores Crackle and Hulu as selections but did not correctly identify a movie I know to be currently available on Crackle for iPad app as available (Jackie Chan’s The Myth). This limits its usefulness as a content source dicovery tool.

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