Fans Gather for Whitney Houston Funeral

As family and friends said a final farewell to Whitney Houston last weekend, millions of fans watched the event.

Houston was eulogized and praised during a four-hour service at her childhood church in Newark, New Jersey.

WABC/Channel 7 and WNBC/Channel 4 were the only broadcast stations covering the funeral. Other outlets, including

WCBS/Channel 2, offered the complete proceedings on their website. At its height of online coverage, according to its site, Channel 2 had more than 180,000 people watching the live video.

As for the traditional viewing,  Channel 7 registered an estimated 560,000 viewers. At the peak of the coverage, in the final 15 minutes, WABC notched 750,000.

WNBC averaged 235,000 mourners for their many hours on the air.

CNN also brought the Houston funeral to fans, with 374,000 people watching.

Houston, 48, died in her Beverly Hills hotel room February 11.

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