Fat Chicken Tower Offense Game Launches on iOS

Fat Chicken Key ArtIndependent developer Relevant Games has announced the release of Fat Chicken on iOS devices. The tower offense game introduces players to the world of factory farming, as players work to grow their farm animals to make money on the meat market. In each level, players build towers along a path to keep their animals alive and healthy, long enough to reach the end.

Each level, or working shift, of Fat Chicken challenges players to meet a Meat Quote for the shift and get their animals to the slaughterhouse by any means necessary. Players construct towers along the path to protect their animals from dehydration, disease, starvation, weight loss, protestors and more. These towers each target a specific factor. For instance, a growth hormone tower increases an animal’s maximum size, so they can provide as much meat as possible for the day’s quota. Meanwhile, feed towers will allow the animals to eat while walking, increasing their size.

Players can take each environment into account when placing towers. Rain puddles on the path can be used for free hydration, and may eliminate the need to build water towers, for instance. When animals reach the slaughterhouse, players earn currency that can be used to build additional towers on the path, or upgrade existing towers to increase their effectiveness.Fat ChickenAfter completing each level the first time, players unlock a harder version of the stage. Gamers earn up to three stars on each version of each level, depending on the amount of meat they generate, and can spend these stars on permanent upgrades for towers. For instance, an upgrade for the corn feed tower may make it cost less to build during a shift.

Players can replay finished stages, with their upgraded technology, in order to earn missed stars. In addition, users can spend premium gold nuggets on power-ups that may instantly add to a level’s meat quota, a fat bomb that instantly increases the size of all animals on a path, and more.

“Working with the Steam community through Early Access provided us the freedom and support to put some meat on the bones of Fat Chicken,” said Michael Tata, head of publishing at Relevant Games, in a statement. “We used that generous feedback as ingredients to make Fat Chicken a more balanced, more engaging, more enjoyable experience, one we’re proud to share with new players.”

Fat Chicken is available to download for $4.99 on the iTunes App Store. The game is also available on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam and the Humble Store for $9.99.