Facebook Announces fbFund Incubator Program

Today Facebook will be announcing details of a new incubator program today that will be part of the latest round of the fbFund. The incubator program will be held from mid-June to late August in Silicon Valley. In addition to the incubator program, there will also be an fbFund Developer Advisory Council, “whose members will participate in the Incubator Program as Mentors with all” of the fbFund 2009 startups.

Most interesting about the news is that Dave McClure will be running the fbFund 2009 Incubator Program. In a guest blog post on the developer blog, Dave McClure states “We’re just at the beginning of a brave new world of cool & interesting social applications and services, built both on and off Facebook Platform.” So what lies around the corner? Perhaps the golden application that I spoke of regularly back in 2007.

So far there still appears to be no “golden application” although there are plenty of applications with hundreds of thousands if not millions of users. Regardless of the past, this new program sounds pretty cool. According to McClure, “The program will feature regular weekly tech talks and education on Facebook platform, Facebook Connect, technical infrastructure, product design, startup metrics and optimization, SEO, internet marketing, startup funding and hiring, and a variety of other topics of interest.”

Advisors and mentors to the program include Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital, and a number of large developers including Flixster, KISSmetrics, Kontagent, Playfish, Slide, and numerous others. Dave sounds pretty optimistic about the program which makes sense considering he’s running it. After launching the original Graphing Social Patterns conference in 2007, Dave has become one of Facebook’s largest evangelists and this new program emphasizes his commitment to the success of the Facbeook platform.

While Facebook may be on the hunt for one last round of financing, application developers still have plenty of resources through the fbFund program. Developers can receive upwards of $100,000 in seed investments.

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