Featured Facebook Campaigns: Pacifico Beer, Tillamook Cheese, Tic Tac, Consumer Reports and ING Direct

Pacifico Beer planned parties, Tillamook Cheese made sandwiches, Tic Tac asked people to share about cancer, Consumer Reports gave out free information and ING Direct tried to make currency cool in this week’s roundup of Facebook campaigns. We’ve excerpted two of the campaigns below.

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Pacifico’s Adventures On Tap Roadtrip and Parties

Goal: Engagement, Brand Loyalty, Product Purchase

Core Mechanic: Pacifico beer company traveled to five cities to introduce Pacifico on tap — Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle — then documented the trips with video and created an app on the Page to feature highlights of each trip.

Method: The company planned five parties, one in each city and then took information about each party and trip and placed it within a Facebook app that users can peruse. Using the app users can see that the company did different things in each city, decorated a beer keg differently for the attitude of each city and is generally a young, hip company (mirroring its proposed consumer market).

Impact: The Page currently has 18,300 Likes and this particular campaign seemed to be more about introducing a new product — Pacifico on tap — rather than growing the Page. Now if people want more information about this beer on tap, on Facebook they can find not just the information, but a tightly branded presentation of this information documented in several videos on the Page and this video in general.

Tillamook’s Cheese ‘Wich Photo App

Goal: Engagement, Network Exposure, Product Purchase, Brand Loyalty

Core Mechanic: Tillamook created a branded app that allows users to upload a photo to the Page, then have that photo appear as a burn on their Tillamook grilled cheese sandwich.

Method: Users simply upload a photo to the app, created by Hello Design, and then they have the chance to adjust its placement, size, etc. When the user is satisfied with their image on the grilled cheese sandwich they may publish to the stream.

Impact: The Tillamook Page shows steady growth, according to PageData, but this particular campaign seemed to be more about making the cheese personal to exiting fans, given that the app is not Like-gated. The app is interesting because it allows users to personalize the ways in which they love cheese — of all things — and share it with their friends on Facebook in a fun, unique way.

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