FedEx Didn’t Deliver Your Gift? It Might Be On the Side of a Colorado Highway

FedEx (along with UPS) took steps this year to avoid the debacle of 2014, when many people didn’t get packages they’d hoped to be opening on Christmas Day. Both delivery services laid down the rules about last-minute shipping, placing restrictions on retailers so they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by package deliveries and improving systems for moving packages from place to place.

“Surging online shopping over the holidays fueled by offers of free shipping and deep discounts tests the limits of the infrastructure—planes, trucks and sorting hubs—used to deliver the gifts to tens of millions of homes in neighborhoods from Miami to Seattle,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

But it looks like FedEx is being undone by an issue that has nothing to do with online shopping or retailer promises. The video above shows a FedEx truck racing along a Colorado highway with its back door open, packages falling out onto the road. A fellow driver flags down the driver to alert him of the problem.

The attention to detail that has been used to avoid delivery problems seemingly hasn’t trickled down to some of the workers who are directly responsible for making deliveries happen. Certainly this is an extreme and hopefully isolated incident. But one viral video can have a big impact on a company’s reputation. Let’s hope one of your packages wasn’t one of the half dozen or so that fell off this truck.

h/t Jezebel

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