Felix Dennis and His Magazines are Doing Great

Here’s what we know about Felix Dennis — the eccentric owner of Dennis Publishing: He and his magazines are doing great. Well, at least the ones he once owned or currently owns, including The Week and Mental Floss. We know this because that’s what he tells David Carr of The New York Times, in an interview.

Dennis told Carr that there are a lot of haters out there, but that’s mainly because they’re jealous. “I have sold at the top of market several times,” explains Dennis. “Nobody remembers how long I’ve been at this. I love the media game. Love. It.”

The publisher then explained that his magazines are doing well because he understands everything better than everyone:

It’s true that a stake has been driven through the heart of a lot of publishing and we will have to be digital wizards to survive, but if we are doing it right, we know our customers. If I have any trick, it’s knowing what the customer wants five minutes before he does. No amount of market research can do that.

And because no story about Dennis would be complete without something odd, he told Carr that he was having a giant rock inscribed with one of his poems. Yes, we’re serious. When Carr told Dennis it sounded expensive, Dennis replied, “It should cost a lot of money! I am not a poor man!”

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