Filling Those Resume Gaps

What should you do about that troublesome gap on your resume? We’re not talking about the two years you took off to go jet-setting around the world (though that too is a gap that can be addressed), but the “holes” that might get you turned down for a position.

Depends on why that hole’s there, PR Daily writes.

Maybe you need a new degree or certificate. Even progressing towards such a goal might tip the scales in your favor.

Volunteering is obviously a good way to gain experience in a discipline you lack, but even organizations that use volunteers can afford to be choosy these days. If you literally have no PR experience, you’ll have better luck working with your local PTA’s bake sale than trying to get a volunteer gig at the Red Cross, for example.

If all else fails, though, think about how your skills transfer. Example from writer Ginny Clarke:

Lucy (not her real name)… was interested in a career in PR but lacked the basic requisite skills. Based on her culinary expertise, creative bent, and organizational acumen, it became obvious that event planning might be perfect for her.

Initially, Lucy didn’t consider this career, but she wanted to pursue it. The problem was that she didn’t have enough experience to work in event planning for a PR firm. However, she realized that most hotels have event planning functions. She chose to approach high-end hotels to match her sophisticated and creative tastes in food and design.

It worked; she got the job.