First Landings in New York and Living to Tell the Tale

Whew. This writer is exhausted. After telling you of his forthcoming absence last week, he’s been in cars, trains, and aeroplanes, going from east to west to east and finally west again, landing in a strangely non-wifi-friendly portion of San Francisco for the rest of the week. While he was gone, we see, as predicted, you were well informed by Ms. Murg, who will likely continue to blaze forward as this writer stumbles (and babbles) along from (with) great tiredness. But first we must share with you a few pieces we’ve been finding interesting. First up, while waiting for various planes to debark, we found New York‘s lengthy piece on famous people moving to NY really addictive, appropriately entitled “Waking Up to New York.” It does a great job capturing the feeling of moving to a big scary new place (with a focus on the more artistic types), no matter if you lived in the bustling 60s or 70s or whenever people thing New York used to really be “New York.” We recommend at least making it to page 9, where you’ll get to spend those first few days with artist Chuck Close as well as radio host Ira Glass, who, if you’re from Chicago, will feel better about his abandoning Chicago a couple of years back after learning that he’d already lived in NY years prior.