First Look Media Launches Real-time, Social Newsroom

First Look Media and Andy Carvin launched today. The goal is to be the first real-time, truly social journalism outlet.


First Look Media has had a rocky start, but today they’ve launched their social newsroom called Andy Carvin is the editor-in-chief and was busy on Twitter this morning fielding questions about operations.

The real-time newsroom will only post on social platforms and its manifesto went live on Medium this morning.


As far as journalism projects go, it’s a pretty big deal. Carvin writes:

We take pride in being active, engaged members of Twitter, Facebook, reddit — no better than anyone else there. We want to tell stories from around the world, serving these online communities as our primary platforms for reporting — not secondary to some website or app. Forget native advertising — we want to produce native journalism for social media communities, in conjunction with members of those communities. Some of the most compelling news stories around the world emerge directly from social media. We want to earn your trust to be your guide, helping you navigating the never-ending stream of rumors and footage and get a better sense of what is actually happening. And we’ll never bullshit you, stalling for time while we wait to learn everything — we commit to being upfront of what we know, what we don’t know, and why.

Part of being a real-time newsroom means acknowledging the crowd. They’ve started a subreddit ask redditors how a newsroom can best use the platform. Who does that? The first responses are asking to not just use a reddit thread to create a story that might “go viral,” but to engage with the community when news breaks and talking about how to best attribute stories to reddit users.

You can follow them @reportedly, where there are links to the rest of the team.

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