No Time To Waste? How To Dramatically Improve Twitter In Five Minutes (Or Less)

Twitter has a pretty steep learning curve and can take a lot of work, certainly if you’re a company looking to use the platform for marketing or brand awareness. There are very few overnight success stories.

But not everybody uses Twitter in this way. For many people, Twitter is something of a luxury. They don’t have endless amounts of time to devote to the platform, instead preferring to dip in and out as and when they have a moment or two to spare. Which is absolutely fine – it’s your Twitter. Do with it as you see fit.

However, less time to invest means less time to waste, so it’s important that you ensure that you’re not only following the right people on Twitter – and right, as always, means right for you – but that the total number of people that you are following is always a manageable amount.

Here’s an easy, efficient way to trim your Twitter network so that when you do have the time to log on you’re not skipping page after page of boring or irrelevant tweets trying to find the good stuff.

1. On, visit your following page

2. Scroll down through all the people you are following

3. As soon as you see an avatar you do not recognise, click on it (open in a separate tab or window for convenience)

4. Do you know this person or profile? Can you remember why you followed them? Can you pinpoint exactly why you’re still following them? Do you have any relationship with them at all?

5. If you answer to any of these questions is “no”, then you have a decision to make, right here and right now: either engage with that person, or unfollow them

6. Repeat

Believe me – in just five minutes or less I guarantee you’ll find a number of people and profiles that you are following that you won’t recognise and/or will have no memory of even following. Or why. And the more people you’re following, the more this will happen. And if you never, ever notice these people in your timeline, and you never, ever engage with them (and vice versa), and you have no idea why you followed them to begin with, then why are you following them at all?

Swing away. Be ruthless. Identify, evaluate and cut.

“But I’m following thousands of users. I don’t recognise any of these people. This will take FOREVER!”

Oh dear. Better get started, then.

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