Five Physical Signs You’re Getting Stressed Out

stressIf you just looked at the calendar and freaked out the holidays are literally here and there’s not enough time to get everything done, you’re not alone.

It’s definitely a worst case scenario to feel run down and get sick more easily than other times of the year.

This piece on U.S. News & World Report caught our attention to be wary of physical signs you are getting stressed out. Since self-care is the best type of care, it’s all the more reason to slow down this time of year and pay attention to your body before you’ve reached an all-time high stressed out mode.

1. Your hair falls out. Your body may be telling you it’s time to chill if your shower drain seems more clogged than usual. Per the piece, boosted stress levels can literally cause your hair to shed in clumps. Ugh.

2. You stay sick longer. If you have a cold and can’t seem to shake it, there could be a reason for it. When you’re stressed, various studies have shown your immune system is weakened.

3. Your skin starts to break out. No, you’re not in high school anymore so the sudden case of acne could actually be caused by the stress hormone cortisol. As pointed out in the piece, stress is also associated with hive outbreaks and skin conditions such as psoriasis. Good times.

4. You’re having problems breathing. This is scary. Considering high stress levels are connected to asthma as well as breathing difficulties, it’s no wonder why patients who have been hospitalized for asthma attacks have reported feeling stressed out before the attacks.

5. You’ve packed on a few pounds Per an expert in the piece, as soon as we’re under duress, our bodies “tend to hold onto fat.” So, if you’re wondering why you can’t shake a few pounds and instead you’re putting on weight, chalk it up to stress. Stress hormones slow down our metabolism and just like that, they start making us crave fatty foods and sugar.

Think of it this way — you’re stressed out so what do you do? Head to the nearest vending machine at work. You eat more and yet you don’t get full because you’re eating empty calories but more importantly, you don’t get full because you’re body is in stressed out mode. “And then you have this abdominal fat that sits around and makes the situation worse.”