FLOOME Breathalyzer Promises Affordable Accuracy and Italian Design

There’s a new breathalyzer from Italy and it promises law-enforcement grade accuracy with sleek Italian design and a lifetime battery. The device, called FLOOME, attaches to smart phones via headphone jacks and measures blood alcohol concentration based on each user’s body mass. FLOOME also calculates the time required for each user to return to safe driving conditions based on your body’s metrics. The accompanying app allows you to set an alarm based on legal BAC levels or just get a nearby cab.


FLOOME is just in time for NTSB’s (National Transportation Safety Board) new intervention strategies for targeting drunk driving related incidents. The recommendations have been unpopular, but in the face of 10,000 yearly deaths and 173,000 yearly injuries, drunk driving remains a dangerous and fatal epidemic.

Today, investigators cited research that showed that although impairment begins with the first drink, by 0.05 BAC, most drivers experience a decline in both cognitive and visual functions, which significantly increases the risk of a serious crash. Currently, over 100 countries on six continents have BAC limits set at 0.05 or lower. The NTSB has asked all 50 states to do the same.

In France, breathalyzers are required in each vehicle. This is not the case for US drivers so it’s up to individuals o understand what BAC actually feels like. Do you know how it feels to have a .5 or .8 BAC level? Me neither.

NTSB Chairman Deborah Hershman on alcohol-related incidents:

Alcohol-impaired crashes are not accidents, they are crimes.

On a more personal note, two years ago, I lost a friend to a drunk driver. Please, don’t drink and drive – we love all of our readers and want you safe and sound.


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