Morning Lust: FLOTUS Still Finds POTUS Sexy


In a White House Pool Report by NYT‘s Helene Cooper filed late Tuesday night President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama made their feelings for each other plain at a fancy NYC fundraiser at Gotham Theater. They’re still hot for each other. And if that thought makes you uncomfortable, you might not want to read the mushy details.

She: After announcing that they hardly get to travel together anymore, she spoke of how he has changed, saying, “The only difference I’ve noticed is the salt is starting to catch up with the pepper. I think it’s sexy.”

He: POTUS thanked Flotus. “You notice how she’s getting cuter. She is remarkable and it’s the reason why I’ve got remarkable kids. I have improved my gene pool.” He said that “it’s true this is the closest we get to a date, which I’m going to have to fix in about 14 months. Now the truth is, this is not my idea of a date night, normally our dates do not end with me being before 400 of our closest friends.”