FlowPlay Partners with Girlstart for Fundraising in ourWorld, Vegas World

GirlStart ourWorldFlowPlay, a developer specializing in virtual game worlds and technology, has announced its partnership with Girlstart, a nonprofit that inspires girls to become interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), to bring an in-game fundraising campaign to two of its titles. From now until January 5, players of FlowPlay’s ourWorld and Vegas World virtual games can raise money for the Girlstart STEM programs by purchasing a branded item within each game.

In ourWorld, players can use their virtual currency, Gems, to purchase a “Rocket Science Girl,” which will accompany their own avatar through the game, and unlocks a 100 percent Flow boost for players. This Flow is part of the game’s leveling system, so the more Flow players collect, the faster their in-game experience will grow. Each purchase of a Rocket Science Girl equals a $5 donation to GirlStart.

As for Vegas World, players can now purchase a Rocket Ship Charm that can be activated on their own account or sent to friends. These in-game Charms boost the amount of winnings players receive as they play the game’s virtual casino titles. Each purchase provides a $0.50 donation to Girlstart.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from sales of both in-game items will help benefit Girlstart’s nationwide programs, including the funding of a Girlstart summer camp taking place next Summer.

“We wanted to support an organization that is addressing a cause deeply rooted in the genesis of our company and core audience, and one for which we can really make an impact,” said Derrick Morton, CEO of FlowPlay, in a statement. “Girlstart is highly active, with programs that actually make a difference for elementary and middle-school aged girls. With this in-game donations campaign, ourWorld users have the opportunity to move the needle with an organization they can relate to, and see the tangible impact of their contributions.”

Both ourWorld and Vegas World are available to play for free in browsers and on mobile devices.

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