Flurry: Apple Dominates Device Activations During Christmas 2014

Flurry Christmas 2014Yahoo’s mobile analytics and ad platform, Flurry, has released new data measuring the activation of new mobile devices and app downloads during December 2014, with a specific focus on the Christmas holiday. Flurry examined data from the more than 600,000 apps it tracks to understand which devices were most given as presents this year, and which apps users downloaded as soon as they were received.

The data reflects Apple’s continued dominance in the space, as Apple devices accounted for 51 percent of the new device activations Flurry tracked in the week of December 19 – December 25, 2014. Samsung came in second with 17.7 percent of new device activations, while Microsoft (Nokia) rounded out the top three at 5.8 percent.

Flurry also tracked the individual styles of devices activated during the week of Christmas, and noted phablets (large smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy Note 4) were gaining on smaller devices, accounting for 13 percent of new device activations, up from four percent in 2013. Specifically, the iPhone 6 Plus was one of the top five devices Flurry saw activated this Christmas, while the standard iPhone 6 was the top activated device.Flurry Christmas 2014This growth in phablet popularity seems to be eating into larger tablet sales, rather than just reflecting an overall shift away from medium-size smartphones. For 2014, full-size and small tablets accounted for 11 percent of activations each, while in 2013, full-size tablets accounted for 17 percent of activations, and small tablets accounted for 12 percent. Comparatively, medium smartphones accounted for 65 percent and 64 percent of activations in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

“App developers should take into account the fact that larger screens are becoming the primary device; it’s not just the secondary primetime tablet anymore,” writes Jarah Euston, VP of marketing and analytics at Flurry, in a blog post.

As for app installations, on Christmas Day in the US, Flurry tracked 2.5x the number of app installs when compared to an average day during the first three weeks of December. Games and messaging apps saw the highest boosts in app downloads on Christmas Day.

Flurry’s full Christmas data can be found here.

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