Food Critic Gael Greene Calls Out ‘Incautious’ Rep in Scathing Review

gael greeneIt’s tough out there for a New York restaurant rep, because the biggest names in the food writing biz are often the most critical. Who could forget how much fun Pete Wells had writing his sadistic takedown of Guy Fieri in The New York Times?

Anyway, Gael Greene is one of that tiny club’s longest-standing members at the ripe young age of 80. Despite the fact that New York magazine dropped her in 2008 after 40 years(!), she still carries a lot of weight here in our picky, picky city.

That’s probably why Miriam Silverberg Associates wanted her to review the new French restaurant Paname. The subsequent writeup, released today, is all but dripping with disdain.

A selection:

“It was the bread that tolled the leaden funeral bell…What good little French bistro — ‘just like Paris,’ the press agent Miriam Silverberg assured me — would serve this bread?”

Oh no.

She even tweeted a pic of the “ungiving pork scallopini” to her 192,000 followers:

And yes, it gets worse. Here’s her conclusion:

“Paname…’is no big deal,’ Silverberg had written in her third or fourth or fifth urging to me. ‘And nothing elaborate.’ Sorry Miriam, it was even less than that. It’s not worth writing about Paname, I suppose, but I’m intrigued by publicist loyalty. There were many five stars review in Yelp. Were they you, Miriam?”

Repeated pitches aside, was that really necessary?

She won’t be here all week. Don’t try the veal.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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