For the First Time in 105 Years, Yachting Has a Female EIC

Yachting has been around for over 100 years, but has never had a woman overseeing editorial. Mary South, previously the magazine’s Deputy Editor, is breaking that streak. She has been named Yachting’s first female Editor-in-Chief. South has been with Yachting since 2007, and had been Deputy Editor for the past year.

“As deputy editor, Mary drove quality improvement, market share growth and digital innovation,” said David Ritchie, director of Editorial Operations for Bonnier’s marine brands. “She has the respect of her team and her audience, and I look forward to watching this brand thrive under her leadership.”

South said her focus will be steering Yachting toward a more digital world. “A large focus of our efforts going forward will be expanding our reach across digital platforms so that our audience has access to the same high caliber of content on their computers, mobile phones and tablets, as well as a rich engagement with the Yachting community through social media,” said South.

Some readers have asked about Marcia Wiley, insisting that Wiley was the first female EIC at Yachting. A rep for the magazine says this is not true. Here’s what the rep had to say: “The Yachting staff double-checked Yachting’s archives and contacted staff members from that era who we stay in contact with and Marcia was on the staff, but was not EIC. During her time with the book, she was Managing Editor, Executive Editor and Editor-at-Large. The EICs in this period were Oliver Moore and Roy Attaway.”

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