For the People: Fantasy Politics goes into open beta

Rocket Surgeon’s new Facebook game For the People: Fantasy Politics just went into open beta on the social network.

For the People: Fantasy Politics is a 3D game powered by the Unity Engine where players wind up serving as the 436th member in the House of Representatives, where they help shape national policy. The game initially has players establish which state they want to represent, create a custom avatar and are then dropped into their headquarters to start working as a politician. As gameplay progresses, players engage in political events like debates and advertising campaigns while sitting on committees. There’s also a mechanic in place to allow players to decorate their offices by purchasing items from the in-game store using either hard or soft currency (strangely enough, the hard currency doesn’t show actual cash price points, instead, it uses the old Facebook Credits system).

Interestingly, the game has some serious political chops involved in its background. Among its contributors are former senators Norm Coleman, Evan Bayh and Rudy Boschwitz, political strategist Joe Trippi and polling expert Jon Lerner. While it’s not surprising to see a political game launch on the social network during a particularly high-profile election season, it’s difficult to predict how it will do in terms of audience size.

There aren’t enough political games on Facebook to form their own subcategory of games on Facebook, but we did see Campaign Story launch back in August. The game’s struggled to find an audience since then, peaking at 3,243 daily active users in late August and now it’s holding steady at approximately 2,000 DAU.

For the People: Fantasy Politics’s planned official launch is Congress’s “swearing in” day on January, 2013.

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