Forbes Digital Produces 5,000 Articles A Day

Want to know what it takes to survive online today? Quantity, quantity, quantity. At least that’s what Forbes believes. In an Folio article about their new blackberry application, Dylan Stableford reported last week that Forbes produces 5,000 articles a day. Being the exacting journalist that he is, one week later he returned to Forbes to ask them the question that has been on all of our minds: 5,000 articles a day?! Really?
Their first response, “This is the combination of staff-written, freelance contributed and partner supplied (from Oxford Analytica to newswires).” Then he asked them to clarify. The break down is below:

We do not break this out, but according to Editor Paul Maidment, the site publishes content 24/7 by editorial staff in the U.S. and bureaus in London, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing. It includes staff-written, freelance contributed, and content supplied from numerous content partners&#151including consultancies like Oxford Analytica and McKinsey; business schools like Wharton, Harvard Business, etc; media companies like paidContent and Venture Beat; and wire services (including Reuters and AP) as well as specialist contributors across 10 Editorial Channels and 70-plus sections within those channels.

Considering the layoffs Forbes recently underwent, we’re still suspicious of this high number. If anyone can drum up analytics to disprove this claim, please e-mail MediaJobsDaily. We’re anxious to follow up on this story&#151if nothing else, so the Andrew Sullivan and The New Republic won’t feel badly with their paltry 500 posts a week.

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