Mobile Users Power Forbes to Record U.S. Traffic

Smartphones piped through a whopping 78.5% of last month's 56.5 million unique visitors.

We all know how largely the smartphone looms when it comes to online content consumption. Nevertheless, the numbers remain staggering.


Pictured above is a comScore tabulation of mobile U.S. traffic for the month of November. In the case of, the figure of 44.4 million unique visitors is a big reason the month as a whole represents a new U.S. traffic record. Once desktop and tablet traffic is added, the Forbes comScore total in the U.S. last month is 56.5 million unique visitors.

That’s a 30% increase compared to the same period in 2015. Meanwhile, the November mobile traffic is up 17.5% for Forbes from a month earlier.

“Next year’s focus is about taking Forbes off domain and monetizing those experiences,” chief product officer Lewis D’Vorkin tells FishbowlNY. “There’s life beyond and life beyond Forbes magazine. And that life extends to everything people are doing with their mobile phones to access information, like new kinds of mobile experiences, podcasting, virtual reality, messenger services, Snapchat and many others. That’s the path we’re pursuing as we march forward.”

One of the most-read Forbes November pieces was Steven Bertoni’s exclusive interview with Jared Kushner. The site’s coverage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday generated a total of 6.6 million page views, while various lists accounted for another 2.3 million page views.

D’Vorkin remains one of the most astute readers of digital-content tea leaves. Or, if you want to put it another 2016 way, one of the few people apparently not calling up Shane Smith and begging the Vice co-founder to buy their company.

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