Ford Pickup Trucks Getting a New Option: Opera Browser

Car, SUV, and pick-up truck buyers usually have lots of options to choose from (too many IMHO). Well, people looking at Ford’s F-150, Super Duty, E-Series, and Transit Connect trucks will have one more option to think about according to this TechCrunch item…
Opera Browser Chosen For “Mobile Office” Computer In Ford Pickup Trucks
Yep, a new option will be an in-dash broadband connected computer running the Opera browser. And, based on the specs TechCrunch reports, this is no dinky little computer either. It will have 4GB RAM, an SD slot, USB port, wireless keyboard/mouse and a Bluetooth enbled battery powered printer. Oh yes, the display is a 6.5-inch touch screen.

YouTube video courtesy of mikelevine (<a
I wonder if the Opera browser will be running on the Microsoft Sync based system introduced with the 2009 models (see video above)? Or, is a platform change involved here?

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