Foreign Affairs Archives

If you ever wanted to read an issue of Foreign Affairs from 1922, now you can. The publication, which is celebrating its 90th birthday, did so by creating a full online archive of past issues.

The portal contains 8,000 articles from nearly 400 issues. There are also more than 300 images and maps. To help with navigation, and well, where to begin, the editors have organized articles into nine collections. In all, digitization was a project that took nearly a year to complete.

“These collections take our web visitors on a magical history tour,” says editor Gideon Rose. “In addition to the greatest hits like Samuel Huntington’s ‘The Clash of Civilizations’ or George Kennan’s ‘Sources of Soviet Conduct,’ the archives hold innumerable other treasures, and our new reading lists offer wonderful tasting menus for readers to sample.”

For a limited time, the articles in the archive’s curated nine collections are available for free.

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