Former VJ Kennedy Says Young People Shouldn’t ‘Rock the Vote’

Kennedy MTVAnyone remember MTV? No, not the beleaguered reality show network of today…we mean the first music television video network.

For you young’uns out in the PRNewserverse, MTV had a gaggle of notable people known as “VJs” or video DJs. Cool, right? People like Kurt Loder, Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, and Alan Hunter recall the 80s in a way few things can. Following the original VJs, MTV tried to spruce up their look by hiring young Gen-Y folk like Bill Bellamy, Carson Daly, Daisy Fuentes, and some chick named Kennedy.

Today, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery is no longer commenting on the videos of yesteryear. She is on Fox Business Network co-hosting a show called “The Independents.” On that show, Kennedy drew a brain fart, forgot the days when she gave full-throated endorsements to “Rock the Vote“, and told viewers that young people should not vote when they don’t know the issues.

Bet she wants her MTV now.

It is no secret that today’s voter — young or older — should be the most informed political advocate in the history of politics. We have countless websites, numerous polls, and a multitude of ways to research the facts about the desired candidates.

However, if you ask some people, we are actually the least informed voters on the planet because of those very same websites, polls, and research. The majority of folk interested in voting check out those things based on partiality, preference, and poppycock.

If you rock your vote this way, there’s some of that for you. In that mindset, Kennedy spoke up.

“Do we want them [young people] to vote if they don’t know the issues?” Harris Faulkner asked Wednesday afternoon.

“No!” Lisa Kennedy Montgomery answered. “You absolutely don’t!”

“Do you really want to motivate them to vote and be ignorant at the polls?” Faulkner continued.

There she is, in what seems like a full-180 turn on how she used to think, telling FOX News’ Outnumbered that young people, if afflicted with partiality or a general case of the stupids, should go out of their way to not vote.

Although she didn’t quote it in the video below, there is a very interesting poll on that says 74% of young people should vote because it’s right. Conversely, 26% of people say they shouldn’t because of the very reasons that the newly enlightened Kennedy espouses.

There are valid concerns on both sides of this argument. Young people are not informed with unbiased information. And that’s because the news is so biased. If you want conservative, everyone knows to hit FOX News. If you want liberal, the same folk know to hit MSNBC. (We are all still trying to figure out what CNN wants.)

That said, watch the video feed supplied by Media Matters for America. We’d love to hear what you want for America.