Four Types of People to Avoid Being at the Office

menandwomenjpgAccording to our friends at Brazen Careerist, there are a few types of people at the office you don’t want to be.

1. The good-old-days guy or gal. Are you surrounded by people (or even one person) who constantly talks about the good ol’ days? Do they rely on nostalgia to get them through the day? Maybe that’s because he or she wants you to know how long they’ve been working there and subliminally, how resistant they are to change.

So, if you are this person, the piece suggests asking yourself if you resist change in your work environment. If so, ask questions to gain further insight and identify benefits to a new process. In turn, this will help you adapt to the change.

2. The critic. The naysayer. Yes, criticism can certainly be helpful. That is, when it’s done in a constructive way.

If the critic at the office is mean, judgmental or incredibly negative, that’s not a morale booster. This person may end up hurting people’s feelings, making the work situation a hostile one.

If you’re going to criticize someone at the office, take a deep breath. The piece mentions to check your motives. Ask yourself if the comments are going to be helpful. Maybe to create an open conversation, you can morph that criticism into actionable advice.

3. The tattletale. Ah, we know this all too well. The person who says, “Go ahead, you can tell me. It’s not going anywhere.” And then you find out oh yeah, it went somewhere. That person has a direct dial to the boss and keeps constant tab on you and your colleagues. And no, he or she’s not shy about taking credit for other people’s work.

We realize this isn’t your profile at all but if it reminds you of a friend (yeah, a friend — that’s what we’re going with), that person should ask him or herself if a weakness of a colleague has ever been raised to the manager. The friend should wonder if he or she has ever taken credit that really should have been shared among the team.

4. The chatterbox. If you walk to the water cooler to simply fill up that water bottle and realize it’ll take you 20 minutes before you can make a stealth escape back to your office, behold the chatterbox. The person who is the ubiquitous talkative person in the office. He or she always has an opinion about absolutely anything and everything. You just want to tell him or her to put a lid on it already! Alas, but you don’t so you deal with all of the wasted time.

If you find yourself talking more than you’re listening, gasp — you may be a chatterbox! Try to open your ears a little more and simply take it all in.