‘FOX & Friends’ Asks Twitter What It’s ‘Over’; Trolling Ensues


You’ll have to forgive national news anchors when it comes to the Twitter. They are still using tube monitors and flip phones, so they can be a little slow in figuring out how it all works.

Case in point: FOX & Friends’ latest hashtag. 

Certainly, someone in the production meeting thought they had a great idea to own a spot in the top 10 Twitter trending topics. The idea? Ask America what they are “over” or “fed up” with seeing this year.

High-fives and chest bumps probably occurred when the idea was shared. Then the rest of us got to join in the celebration. 

The idea was such a hit, FOX & Friends even had creative put together that catchy header photo for Facebook. The discussion would surround the hashtag #OverIt2014. Certainly, America would take this seriously, right?

America stepped up to the plate and used the opportunity to bust FOX News’s chops. A few of the most popular tweets prove why we just can’t have new toys. Happy New Year, FOX social media team.