Frank Gehry Psychoanalyzes Architecture for Michael Eisner

It begins as a torrid love affair and ends in tears and infantilization. Nope, it’s not Lifetime’s latest Nora Roberts adaptation but the fraught relationship among architect, client, contractor, and project costs, at least according to Frank Gehry. The avuncular starchitect psychoanalyzes his business in an interview with Michael Eisner that premieres tonight on CNBC’s Conversations with Michael Eisner. In addition to economics (how much are the titanium drawer pulls?), Gehry discusses “his latest projects, people who copy his work, and why he’ll never do a building for Donald Trump,” our friends at CNBC tell us. Click below for a clip and then tune in tonight for the full interview, which will be preceded by Eisner’s chat with Chuck Norris. Keep in mind that the kickboxer/patriot also knows a little something about economics. According to the website Chuck Norris Facts, “If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you.” So true.