Franklin Foer To Leave The New Republic

Franklin Foer, editor of New Republic, sent out a staff email today announcing his resignation from the magazine.


The New Republic has been one of the great loves of my life–a set of ideas, a history, a collection of people I revere. I grew up here, made my best friends here, and learned so many profound lessons about the world in the process.

Part of the joy has been the struggle: We’ve fought to preserve an institution that was perpetually imperiled. It’s been hairy at moments, no doubt, but also exhilarating and immense fun. I’ve had an especially wonderful time these past two and half years. We’ve published essays and journalism that have actually, in moments, changed the world, or at least people’s opinions about the world.

I’ve always had a hard time imagining leaving here. That moment, however, has arrived. Chris and Guy have significant plans for this place. And their plans and my own vision for TNR meaningfully diverge. I’ve decided this is the right time for me to finish a book that is several years overdue and to work on a few other projects. I will miss everyone here immensely.

Much love, Frank

Leon Wieseltier, the publication’s literary editor, is also leaving, according to Michael Calderone of HuffPo Media. The shake ups do not come as a major surprise, as there have been longtime rumors circulating of growing tension about the pub’s editorial direction. Philosophical differences between Chris Hughes, owner and publisher of TNR, and the departing employees manifested themselves at the centennial gala in November, when Foer and Wieseltier emphasized the magazine’s tradition, while Hughes seemed more concerned with experimentation, online growth and web traffic.