Frank’s RedHot and Donnie Wahlberg Are Playing Spin the Bottle on Super Sunday

The hot sauce brand will livestream its game on Twitter

Spin to win - Credit by Frank's RedHot
Headshot of David Cohen

The Big Game on Sunday for Frank’s RedHot isn’t Super Bowl LIV: It’s Spin the Bottle.

The hot sauce brand will livestream its Spin the Bottle game show on its Twitter account during Sunday’s game, with special guest Donnie Wahlberg, and prizes will be handed out throughout the event.

Fans can respond to prompts with the hashtag #FranksSweepstakes and win swag including a “Too Hot to Handle Candle,” a “Chicken Wing Bling Ring,” an “Up in Flames Skateboard,” the “Hottest Cooler” and a custom Frank’s RedHot sauce bottle.

One lucky fan will win the grand prize—$36,500, representing $1 for every day that Frank’s RedHot has been in existence.

UPDATED: Frank’s RedHot said its campaign generated over 106,000 users of its hashtag—nearly double the total from last year’s Super Bowl. The campaign generated more than 40 brand interactions, as well as approximately 2.4 million impressions and 267,600 engagements.

The company also shared some highlights:

Frank’s RedHot creative and digital strategic senior director Alia Kemet said in a release, “During last year’s Big Game, Frank’s RedHot offered chances for fans to win products seen in TV ads by tweeting emojis. Everyone loved it so much that Frank’s drove the most Twitter conversations among brands without an ad, proving that no one simply watches football anymore. They’re checking social media, texting on their phones and monitoring their office pool. That’s why this year, we created a bigger and spicier experience, a live game of Spin the Bottle with dares and cool prizes, to keep people talking.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.