#FreeJason Update: Imprisonment Taking ‘Fearsome Toll’ On WaPo Reporter


141 days later, The Washington Post’s Jason Rezaian remains detained in Iran’s infamous Evin prison.

A troubling report today from the Post, however, claims that the conditions of his confinement have been “taking a fearsome toll” on the health of the Tehran correspondent.

According to his employer, Rezaian has been forced to sleep on the floor of his cell, suffering back pain and chronic eye infections that his family fear will result in permanent damage to his vision. The journalist has also been suffering from groin inflammation that is “so painful that he sometimes has trouble standing.” He has yet to receive treatment for any of these ailments.

Furthermore, the psychological toll of solitary confinement have been exacerbated by Sunday’s news that the Iranian government has filed formal charges (despite any specificity).