Freida Pinto Recalls a Foolish Paparazzi Question

Alongside Marianne Pearl, actress Freida Pinto is a global ambassador for Plan International‘s “I Am a Girl” campaign. The initiative encourages and empowers female education.


In an interview with the Times of India, Pinto laughed as she recalled the time she was baited here in NYC by a video paparazzi. From her conversation with Anmil Vijay:

In one of your interviews, you said that you are startled by the questions paparazzi throws at you. Like when someone asked you what you were doing for the poor children in India. Did that in any way trigger the drive to do something in India?

I remember this so clearly. It was at JFK Airport in New York. I never needed the media, or my team or parents, to push me. Definitely, a few experiences in India pushed me towards it. That is when I decided that I have to do something – not just in India, but for girls universally. I believe in the global good of humanity rather than a country, state or city. They say that charity starts at home. I understand that. But for me, it is a global dream. When girls in India succeed, they have the potential to go out anywhere in the world and be who they want to be. So ultimately, it is a contribution to the global economy and that’s why I feel that the media can’t push me to take action.

Our parting advice to the Times of India is to consider embedding a more suitable video. It’s a little jarring, and counterproductive, to scroll down past Pinto’s final comment about female empowerment to a video with the title: “Watch: Freida Pinto has obscene amount of shoes.”

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