FreshPlanet’s Party Game ShakePop Launches on iOS

SongPop developer FreshPlanet has announced the launch of its new party game, ShakePop. Available on iOS devices, the game is described as a “modern mash-up of Simon, Bop It and Bounden” (among other influences). In each game, players follow the computer’s commands as one of six playable characters, playing as long as they can without making a mistake.

ShakePop players start with a single free character, Ellie, while the rest are unlocked as players engage with the game, or are available to purchase with real money. The game starts at a decent pace, and players are asked to do things like swipe, tap or pinch the screen, as examples, in a limited amount of time.

The longer players survive, the faster the commands must be completed, and new commands are added to the mix. These include “flip,” which sees players flipping their phone upside down, a “don’t move” command that tracks whether or not the phone is held still for a short period of time, and more.

At the end of each game, players are shown their game score (number of correctly fulfilled commands) and their high score. As players earn points over time, they unlock new signature moves with each character. Ellie, for instance, unlocks a “spin with me” move, among others. Players can compare their high scores with others via Game Center.

ShakePop is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.