Friday Fun: What if you Could only Speak in 140 Characters at the Office? [Video]

If you’re the new guy in the office, it can be nerve-wracking enough. But if you’re the new guy who can only speak in tweets… prepare for the worst. Your co-workers might get the wrong idea if you run out of characters mid-sentence!

This video is from a few years ago, but it’s still absolutely hilarious. Check it out if you need some laughs to close out the week and head into Saturday.

Poor, poor Jim. He can’t catch a break in his new office. First, he meets a pretty girl and swears in front of her. Then he meets another pretty girl and swears in front of her. But Jim doesn’t really have a foul mouth – he just can’t speak in more than 140-characters at a time.

It’s just bad luck that every time Jim reaches the character limit, he’s left with a naughty word at the end of his update box… and he has to wait a few second for that message to “send” before he can complete the sentence and explain that he wasn’t really cursing, really!

You’ve got to watch this video to the end, as the exchange he has with his boss is hilarious!